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Frequently asked questions

Frequent questions on Pixxel

Check out these questions / answers. If you haven’t found, what you’re looking for please don’t hesitate to contact us!

What is Pixxel?

aPixxel is an online platform that lets you review just about anything accessible online. You can use tools like a pen or a scissor to change the look and show it to friends and colleagues.

How much does this services cost?

aPixxel is free of charge for you. You can use any tools on as many projects as you want.

Why is Pixxel free?

aPixxel is the tool that we always wanted for our customers but didn’t find anywhere. There were a couple of tools, but they were feature heavy and quite pricey, so we didn’t want to touch them – and built our own tool.

We know that webdesign is a hard business, so we think that the basic version should be free for everyone. However, we plan to integrate features for enterprise users in the future which will come at a premium.