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Aggregate feedback on any screen size. Pixxel adapts different resolutions automatically and helps you manage them with ease.

No plugins required

No need to hastle anyone with third party plugins or JavaScript snippets. Just add a URL – done. It’s that simple.

Built for usability

Pixxel was built with you and your clients in mind. We ensured that using Pixxel does not require real time support.

It’s free

Pixxel is a tool from web developers for web developers. We ain’t gonna charge money for helping each other out, right?

Aggregate website reviews on any device, and on any resolution

Pixxel is there to help and to make your life easier. Your client would like to test their new website on multiple devices? Absolutely no problem. See how Pixxel can make your life easier.

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Built with usability in mind

Pixxel is designed to be as easy yet powerful as a pen and a piece of paper. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an expert browser or a novice – Pixxel is by your side. See, what Pixxel does to help you.

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Pixxel is by your side

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A picture says more than a thousand words. So what can possibly be easier than using pictures to say what you want? This feedback engine empowers you with a set of drawing tools that genuinely feels like drawing on paper.

We’ve had so many of our customers ask for a functionality that would enable them to insert and alter images directly on the website, so we implemented it. You can now drag and drop an image into the website, change its size and position just like on popular desktop programs – but remember, there is no installation whatsoever required for Pixxel!

Alpha: Pixxel features a built in chat system that enables you to conversate on a task or on a project with your team members. Get rid of endless mails, full of attachments and keep project talk strictly on attached to the project itself. It makes your life easier!

Beta: Keep track of your change requests with our easy to use but feature-heavy task management system. Every time you add your input to the website, a task is automatically created and added to your task dash. You won’t be bothered about this task anymore, unless the developer explicitely asks for your feedback.


Before anything can be reviewed, the design must be viewable. Any design can be loaded into pixxel.

Review on Pixxel

Next is presenting the design to your client - and gathering feedback.

Processing feedback

Feedback aggregated with pixxel is processed by your company. You decide, how much feedback you allow your clients.


Everything goes according to plan. Pixxel enables you to pay attention to your clients which will be much appreciated by them.

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